Monday, January 24, 2011

Storage Wish List Roundup

Our house has been a disaster since we brought C home, but it wasn’t much better before she came along. With project after project, we’ve fallen into a rut of waiting until the whole house is finished before organizing other parts. Here are some inspiration items to get my house organized.
I really like the shape of this bench, but I'd prefer it in black. The bottom provides handy storage for shoes that are worn most frequently. This would work really well under a coat rack by my side door.

This would be ideal to put in my office closet for storage. I would probably need several, so I could store paper by color and type. I would also give printable labels and clear 3-ring sheet protectors there own slots. 

N and I have a lot of stuff in our garage. Well, actually, N has a lot of stuff in his garage. We have some shelves similar to this. It would be handy to line a couple walls with these to store paint, tools, car parts, etc.

River Ridge Kids 2-Piece Storage Bins (Aqua and Orange)
In a year or two, N and I plan to convert our guest room into C's and her future sibling's playroom.  The office will welcome the guest bed and serve a dual purpose. I have two of these bookshelves from Walmart in the office that would need to be moved so guests can get to the bed easier. I'd buy several of these bins and place them on about three or four similar bookshelves (repurposing the two from the office). (A little overhang from the bins won’t be a problem.)
I'll probably paint the bookshelves cream to match the trim in the room. Once screwed to the wall for support, they'll make an easy and inexpensive place to store toys. The little rope handles and cut outs look easy for little hands to pull. It would also be easy to attach a laminated label of the bins' contents. The aqua and orange colors are also really appealing to me and could serve as the inspiration for the room.  

The standard Billy Bookcase should be narrow enough to fit around the window in our office. Ideally, the queen guest bed would sit directly under the window flanked with Billy Bookcases. I’d probably paint these cream and trim them out to give them a more custom built-in look. The curtains will help disguise about an inch of empty wall between the bookcase and the window.

This leather bench would look great in our master bedroom under the window. It would provide a place to store extra blankets and pillows. Our decorative pillows could also sit on top overnight.
Lastly, I’m on the lookout for an armoire. N currently uses a rickety five-drawer chest in a corner with our TV over the top. Because the TV is attached to the wall, it looks a little too hospital like. I think replacing the dresser with a tall armoire would make it appear less like a hospital. We could also use the top shelves of the armoire to store blankets and pillows, and then we probably wouldn't need the bench.
Do you have any special organization items that work well for you?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Year's Resolution (NYR) Update: January 12th

To really hold myself accountable, I'll post an update to the monthly goals I set to help achieve my six basic resolutions. So far so good, I just finished the pregnancy scrapbook for C. I'm really proud of myself. I've been putting this off because I was so overwhelmed, but once I started I worked for two nights and now it's done.

It doesn't seem like much, but it's a step further than I was. This weekend I plan to pick up the rest of the supplies I need to etch the glass canister gifts.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

My resolutions are not exciting, and they're definitely not new. They're just the same old generic ones everyone makes each year. What's a little different is that I'm going to try a new method to achieve them, though. Each month for resolutions 1 through, I'll create mini goals that will help me achieve the larger ones. In no particular order, here they are:
1. Work Out More I do want to lose my baby weight, but with my changing body shape, I'm not sure what my ideal weight is. To achieve this resolution, I plan to set a goal each month for the number of 30 minute workouts I do each week. In January I'll start with a goal of two. I plan to work my way up to five workouts a week.
2. Save More Money I intend to undergo a number of month-long spending freezes starting with this month. I'll also get back into meal planning and challenging myself to a month-long freezer cleanout and a pantry clean out.
3. Finish a Few Craft Projects I'll set monthly goals to finish certain projects. January I'll start with etching the canisters for by brother and sister-in-law's Christmas present (we celebrate with them in January). I'll also finish my pregnancy scrapbook. I'd love to be able to show that off at C's first birthday party in April.
4. Learn to be Satisfied with my Life I love N and C so much, but there are aspects of my life that I'm not satisfied with. This resolution will require the most baby steps. In January I'll asses what I need to do and sketch my plan of attack.
5. Get More Organized and Manage Time Better I'll start with small tasks to get organized and work my way up to larger projects. By the end of the year, I intend to have an organized life that allows me time to do what I want to do.  This month I'll finish organizing my office and restart meal planning.
6. Read More Frequently With the other resolutions underway, I think I can clear about 30 minutes a day to read. It's not a lot, but with some consistent reading time, I can knock out a few more books this year.
Stay tuned  as for status updates and new monthly goals at the end of each month. Heck, I'll probably add status updates throughout the month, too.